Local Lettings Plan

Purpose of a local lettings plan

Local lettings plans will on occasion be designated by housing associations after consultation with the Council and an assessment of their impact. Once agreed, these schemes will then have their own allocations criteria.

Local lettings plans will be put in place for a specific area or scheme and are set up in response to particular local circumstances. The purpose of local lettings plans is to work towards more balance within local  communities and address issues such as anti-social behavior. 

If a property is advertised as being subject to a Local Lettings Plan, you will be able to find details of that plan below. The plans have been organised into the old district areas of Buckinghamshire Council. 


Ayelsbury area: 

AVDC Sub Groups Local Lettings Policy 

LLP Britannia House

Anstey Court Waddesdon


Chiltern and South Bucks Area: 

Chiltern LLP Chartridge

Buckinghamview Letting Process

Alexander Korda House

Local Lettings Policy Days Alms Houses

LLP Institute

Fox Moor Court Denham