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Debt and Money Advice


With an increasing number of people feeling the effects of limited budgets it is important that those that need debt and money advice know exactly where to turn to.

Debt problems affect everyone regardless of income. Speaking with someone sooner rather than later may help you manage your situation and, in some cases, prevent you from losing your home.

Debt can quickly spiral out of control, having a major impact on people, their lives, homes, relationships and health.


It is important that you prioritise your rent or mortgage payments to prevent the risk of eviction. Rent and mortgage payments are considered priority debts and non-payment of these may result in you losing your home.

People in serious debt are often desperate to find a solution and companies can profit from this by offering solutions for a fee and/or very high interest rates. It is very important to seek impartial advice from organisations that offer the best advice for you free of charge.

There are a number of specialist debt agencies that provide free advice. We have provided a number of website addresses where you can access free information and speak to a specialist debt adviser to help you with your problem.

This advice and help may include:

• Assisting you to manage your income and expenditure and work out your options
• Advice about rent and mortgage arrears
• Utility bill debts
• Advising and possibly liaising with debt collection companies or creditors
• Credit card arrears
• Higher purchase or loan arrears
• Negotiating with lenders on your behalf
• Organising and prioritising payments of debts

For more information please go to: