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WELCOME TO Bucks Home Choice

Bidding Cycle

Bidding on:

Issue 402

opens Thursday:

27 June at 9am


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Bidding for properties

You can bid for up to 3 properties in each bidding cycle. There are 4 ways to bid for properties on Bucks Home Choice:

• Internet

• Telephone

• Text Message

• In person

Things to consider before bidding

• Please ensure that you read the advert in full to see if the property is suitable for your family needs e.g. if the property states it is suitable for a wheelchair user and you do not use a wheelchair, you will not be considered

• If your family requires a specific type of property e.g. ground floor then you will not be considered for an upper floor flat without a lift

• The location of the property

• Whether you can afford to pay the rent

• Whether pets are allowed

Bidding by internet:

• Open the Bucks Home Choice website

• Enter your registration number and date of birth and click “Login”

• Select “Make a Bid” to see the properties you are eligible to bid for

• Click on "Click to view advert" to see the advert

• Click on “Bid” for the property you want to bid for

• Repeat step 4 for each property you want to bid for. If you change your mind you can delete your bid as long as the bidding cycle has not closed

Bidding by telephone

If you have no one to help you and you are unable to place a bid yourself, you can call the telephone number of the partner that manages your application. You will find the numbers in the ‘Contact Us’ section to the left.

Bidding by text message

• To begin making bids open a new text message

• Enter your Bucks Home Choice reference number using the keys e.g. WD12345

• Then follow it immediately with a hash sign: e.g. WD12345#

• Now enter the property reference number of your first bid followed immediately by a hash sign. e.g. WD12345#123#

• If you have finished bidding then press send; if not, repeat the instructions above

Please ensure that your Bucks Home Choice reference number is correct. When you have entered all your bids send your text message to 07781 472726

Please check with your mobile provider for the cost of sending a text message.