Moving to a Smaller Social Housing Property

If you are an existing social housing tenant within the Bucks Home Choice Partnership and your home is now too large for you, you may wish to consider downsizing to a smaller one.

The benefits of moving to a smaller property include:

• Paying less rent
• Preventing arrears from occurring if your Housing Benefit has been reduced
• Your Council Tax bill would reduce
• Reduced heating costs
• Less maintenance/housework to do

Some landlords provide financial assistance and help for their tenants to downsize to a smaller property. You should contact your landlord directly to discuss this with them.

Bucks Home Choice gives priority to applicants moving to smaller properties. If you wish to do this you can make a full application using the ‘Register’ tab on the top right hand side.

You may also wish to seek an exchange with another social housing tenant. Information can be found at: