Housing Advice

If you have a housing problem there are a range of support agencies that may be able to offer specialist advice in the following areas. If you cannot remain in your current home or have received a notice to leave your property please contact your local council immediately.
• Preventing Homelessness

• Harassment and illegal eviction

• Domestic Violence

• Any other forms of violence

• Potential loss of accommodation

• Debt advice

• Mortgage arrears

• Rent arrears

• Securing accommodation in the private rented sector

• Remaining in your own home

• Assisting with Housing Benefit claims if needed

• Relationship breakdowns and housing rights

• Applying to Housing Register

The aim is to resolve the issue or problem in order to help you remain in your existing accommodation.

If you are going to be homeless in the next 56 days please contact your local council office immediately.

Help and Advice agencies


women's aid


Citizens Advice

Advice Gateway

National Homelessness Advice Service