Letting properties

Once bidding closes, the shortlists will then be generated according to:

• The priority banding of the applicant

• Local connection to the district

Once the shortlist has been generated the nominating officer will review in accordance with the Bucks Home Choice policy


Once the nominating officer has reviewed the shortlist the applicant at the top of each shortlist will be contacted. Some landlords may contact the top 3 or 5 applicants. This may be initially by letter or it may be directly by the landlord to arrange a viewing.  If they do this, they will tell the shortlisted applicants their position on the shortlist.

If you are shortlisted and are invited to view a property and you have changed your mind, or are unable to go along at the time given, please let the landlord know. If you decline the viewing because you no longer wish to be considered for this property you must also contact the partner that is managing your application to discuss your reasons why.

If you are homeless you must contact your Housing Officer before refusing to view a property.


The landlord of the property will consider the suitability of the applicant before they offer a tenancy. Landlords may have their own allocations policy and the final decision to offer a tenancy lies with them.

If you are offered a property, whilst this offer is being considered you will be unable to bid on any further properties.

Important: If you bid on, and subsequently refuse, three offers of accommodation, your application may be suspended for 6 months and you will be unable to bid during this time.

Offers to Applicants Accepted as Homeless

If you are someone to whom the council has accepted a homelessness duty, the details of your homelessness acceptance letter will confirm additional rules that apply. If a homeless applicant wishes to refuse a property or a viewing they must contact their homelessness officer immediately to discuss why the property is not suitable for their needs as it may affect the duty the council owes to you and result in that duty ending.