Bidding for properties

You can bid for up to 3 properties in each bidding cycle. You can bid  for properties on Bucks Home Choice by:

• Internet

• Phone

• In person in any of the customer access points.

Things to consider before bidding

• Please ensure that you read the advert in full to see if the property is suitable for your family needs e.g. if the property states it is suitable for a wheelchair user and you do not use a wheelchair, you will not be considered
• If your family requires a specific type of property e.g. ground floor then you will not be considered for an upper floor flat without a lift or a house.

• The location of the property

• Whether you can afford to pay the rent

• Whether pets are allowed

Bidding by internet:

 • Open the link Bucks Home Choice website 

• Enter your email adress and password and click “Login”

. If you have an email but have not set up a password click "Already registered without a password" to create your account.

. Select the "View Homes” tab to see the properties you are eligible to bid for.

• Click on properties you are interested in to see the advert

• Click on “Bid” for the property you want to bid for

• You can place upto 3 bids on each cycle. If you change your mind you can remove your bid as long as the bidding cycle has not closed